Early Intervention


Readiness for Normal School & Society
Best time < 4 years of age (earlier the better)

Assessment through
Scientific ABLLS Tools for Applied Behaviour Analysis
Tailoring SOREM’ Program for Individual needs

All children learn and develop at different pace. In early intervention, the special child is assessed for his existing skills to build, plan and train for required new Skill. Skills are repeated to achieve competency and expected perfection. Using Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) by repeating various tasks and assisting through prompts and reinforcement is essential for achieving goals in academics and communication.
Early Intervention is very important because children learn best between zero to six years of age. It is an evidence- based practice since it has been scientifally proven to increase the skill of children with autism and other developmental disorders. EI also uses the interests of the child to motivate them to achieve their goals. The earlier a child receives this intervention, the better are his chances of leading an independent and inclusive life.