Our Staff

A team of dedicated faculty ensure top class care. Since children with special needs require individual attention, our Student-Teacher ratio is 5:1 for mentally challenged. For children with autism, the ratio is 2:1 or 3:1 depending on the severity level of autism.Meet our amazing staff and therapists:

Sr.No. Name & Designation Comments
1 Ms. Jaspreet Gill
Centre In-charge
I’ve been with Sorem since 16 years and working with these special children is God’s blessing.
2 Mrs. Swati Sharma
Vocational In-charge
 As I work with these children, I realise that despite all limitations, life is beautiful, love is limitless and it’s a miracle by itself. Being here for 12 years of my life has taught me a lot.
3 Mrs. Seema Kumar
Vocational Teacher
I have been with Sorem since ten years and it has given me a new approach to life. I teach them stitching and seeing a smile on their face after every successful stitch is the feeling I will always cherish.
4 Mrs. Sneh Devgan
Its an amazing feeling to see special children achieve inspite of all odds.Their unconditional love,joy and laughter is a source of encouragement and peace of mind.
5 Mrs. Seema Walia
Centre In-charge
It is very enjoyable to work with my students.I have learnt to be more patient, loving and a caring human being.
6 Hargurbir Kaur
Spl.Educator/Computer Teacher
I have never seen students learning with so much enthusiasm, cooperation and pure innocence. These kids are highly cooperative and unique in themselves.
7 Mrs. Meenakshi Bhatia
Special Educator
Sorem has enhanced and strengthened me as a human being.I am grateful to this institute for providing me the platform to render my services to the special need community.
8 Ms. Mamta Rani
Spl. Educator
I feel like I’m on cloud Nine while working with my little ones, they give me this special energy which keeps me alive for the rest of the day.
9 Kiran Kaushal
Spl. Educator
Working with special children is my passion, not my profession. What I learn from them is a thousand times more than what I teach them.
10 Ms. Madhu Bedi
Spl. Educator
I have admired in Sorem the dedication of the staff and I feel proud to be a part of the institute where all facilities for special kids are provided under one roof.
11 Deepinder Kaur
Special Educator
The success of SOREM lays on the hard working ,innovative and dedicated staff,who train under the captainship of the hard task master –Ms Promila Mohan.
12 Ms. Neha Mahajan
Special Educator
It’s a great learning experience to be with my kids as I have developed a lot of patience &empathy over the years.
13 Ms. Ritu Rana
Special Educator
I work mainly with Autistic kids. My aim is to make them independent in their daily chores. Its a great opportunity to work with SOREM.
14 Pooja Sharma
Special Educator
15 Priyanka Kapil
Music & Dance Teacher
16 Dr. Arti
Speech Therapist
17 Braj Kishore Prasad
Occupational Therapist
I give specialised assistance to help lead these children an independent ,productive and a satisfying life.
18 Dr. Harinder Pal Dhikkar
I help my students become independent and its gives me utter pleasure in working with them.
19 Mr. Rakesh Kumar
Coach, Sports
Every day comes with a new challange,yet its a wonderful feeling to work with special kids.My sports skills enables the development of these children and there is nothing more gratifying than this.