Speech Therapy


Express easily, smoothen communication process,language delays and deficiencies, overcoming behavioural and language deficiencies and improving confidence.

Through –

Audio-visual aids, Oral exercises and individual sessions.

Developing communication is one of our basic human needs. A child’s questions, information, and feelings are communicated through speech. At Sorem, we understand that a child who has a speech or language delay is like any other child who needs to use extra effort to achieve speech or language. Our speech therapist works with each child with different disabilities like autism, cerebral palsy, mental retardation or global developmental delay using different programs to improve their language skills and the communication process. It is important to differentiate between language delays or language deficiencies and language differences. The therapist creates a language-rich environment facilitating language development through various activities using audio-visual aids also keeping in mind the emotional and psychological barriers it might create for the child. Our therapist also prepares the children to overcome or improve the speech problem through oral exercises to initiate them to be able to express vocally. Whatever the reasons behind the speech or language problems, a child with deficits in one or more of these communication areas may feel frustrated, confused, even angry at not understanding or not being understood by other people which leads to many behavioral problems. Our aim is to help the child deal with these emotional and behavioral problems working in collaboration with the parents.