Triggering the nerves, stimulation of mental and motor coordination, maintaining body balance and improving focus and concentration skills.


Acupressure & Massage by walking on the surface of labyrinth.

LABYRINTH at Sorem is a development from Chakravyuha used during Mahabharta about 3000 years ago. It is a powerful tool to develop mental, emotional and physical well being leading an individual to spiritual bliss. It is used for improving mental coordination and body balance.
Labyrinth installed at SOREM, goes a step further. It includes a path embedded with sand, concrete and various sizes of white pebbles which helps the nerves of the sole of the feet, in the form of massage and acupressure. Walking on different textures triggers and stimulates the nerve-ends and promotes mental focus and motor coordination. We use this therapy for rehabilitation of mentally challenged , particularly those with Autism.