Founder’s Story

Mrs Moahn
Ms Promila Chandra Mohan

Honourary Secretary of SOREM

Former national level athlete, mathematics teacher, area director of the Northwest Zone Special Olympics Society, and chairperson for the National Games 2002, Promila Chandra Mohan aged 55 at the time made a decision that completely changed her life and many others. Attributing her mission to an act of divine intervention, Promila Mohan founded the Society for Rehabilitation of the Mentally Challenged. There she made it her duty to ease the burden of these children and help heal them. “It was a calling,” reflects the now 83 year-old founder.


Mohan’s insights into this field grew from a course she took at an institute for the mentally challenged in Hyderabad. Meticulous to a fault, she was determined to build an institue that would tailor to every nuance of learning for children with special needs. Refusing a government allocated plot on the outskirts of the city, Promila Mohan was determined for SOREM to be built in the middle of a prime residential area to increase awareness and social acceptance for the children with special needs. It was her vision that shaped SOREM to become not only an institue of international standards but also as a warm haven that welcomes and nurtures children with autism and other mental disabilities.


Her hard work and determination has been awarded as she received countless honours and recognition in Chandigarh as she received the Life Time Achievement Award, Woman of the year in 2011, the Republic Day Award for outstanding Social Service, and the Sri Lankan Justice of Peace Award. Her centre SOREM has even gained attention from the British Royal Family culminating in a visit by Her Royal Highness, Duchess of Cornwall.

Age has not dimmed Promila Mohan’s enthusiasm nor has it slowed her in any way. She continues to learn and find ways to advance and develop her centre. As the sports coach of SOREM, Rakesh Kumar, noted, “Mrs. Mohan always goes the extra mile to help the children achieve the impossible.”


Mission → Desire of a special child


My Motherhad great expectations before
I was born, but I shattered her hopes
Because I was not like you


She was much stronger – she taught me to
crawl, taught me to walk and taught me to talk
Because I had to be part of you.


She taught me with love, taught me with
patience, taught me during the day and
taught me as I lay
Because I had to be a part of you.


I do many wrongs, I don’t know the ways – but
teach me again and tolerate my ways,
Because I’ve to be a part of you.


My mother has labored for years
I’ve made endless efforts but
I’ve not learnt your ways


Can I still be a part of you?