Co Curricular Activities


Develop Social and Emotional skills, Confidence, CreativDe Expression, Language development.


Through –

• Computer classes
• Special classroom activities
• Music &Dance
• Excursions
• Hobby classes
• All festival Celebrations
• Art and painting
• Yoga

Through co-curricular activities Children are given the opportunity to become more independent, have fun, enjoy new experiences, and make new friends. Through Tactile & Sensory activities they learn best through “doing” and “feeling” activities. Also, some special needs children have challenges with their sensory skills and may have unusual habits when it comes to touch. These activities develop your child’s sensory skills, while making them more comfortable with touching different textures.
Another important skill that improves through these activities is language development and improvement. Outdoor activities and Excursions help children gain confidence, become more independent, or improve proficiency in certain areas. Activities like dance and art help in creative expression of emotions .Also it helps in making the child physically fit and mentally more alert.